You said you had trouble feeling

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David: Oh, why ruin a really nice day?
Elise: Come on! 
David: No, I don’t dance.
Elise: Oh, come on! Everyone can dance. You just feel the music.
David: Huh. Well, I’ve been told that I have trouble feeling.
Elise: Who told you that?
David: A long list of women.
Elise: Oh, that’s gross! Okay, you know what? Let’s race to that lamp post. You win, I dance for you. I win, you dance for me.
David: On the pole?
Elise: If you like, yes.
David: All right. This is serious, what are the rules?
Elise: There are no rules. 
[he suddenly starts running] 
Elise: Oh! You bastard! Oh, my gosh! 
[she starts running after him.]
David: You challenged me in those shoes? 
Elise: OK fine, you know I can’t I can’t, you are right these are the wrong shoes and I can twist an ankle.
David: You said no rules. 
[As David stops and Elise catches up, she hits him between his legs and starts running]
Elise: [Laughing] You said you had trouble feeling. 

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