You overeager son-of-a… blech

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Hitch: [practicing kissing technique with Albert, as Allegra] I had a really nice time tonight, Albert.
Albert: I had a… great time, too, Allegra… with a beard.
[Albert leans in for a kiss, but stops when Hitch rolls his eyes]
Albert: What's up?
Hitch: I'm not feeling it.
Albert: What do you mean? I… I came ninety.
Hitch: I'm just not feeling like you want it. Look, I'm Allegra Cole. The woman of your dreams. The woman whose green eyes are limpid pools of desire. Now show me the magic, Albert. Show me the ma…
[Albert kisses Hitch]
Hitch: What the hell was that?
Albert: I'm showing you the magic!
Hitch: No, I said come ninety and then *I'll* come ten! You don't go the whole hundred! My mouth was open, Albert! You overeager son-of-a… blech!
[Hitch walks away]
Albert: Other than that, how was it?

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