Ya know, you’re an appealing guy- man- guy- guy man

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Viola: Okay, who's your daddy?
Duke: Huh?
Viola: I got her to consider you! You're half way in man!
Duke: Um, uh, ok, so, should I ask her out?
Viola: No. You don't want to freak her out, you've got to have a casual conversation first, hello?
Viola: [after Duke looks away in frustration] Why do I get the feeling you don't do this very often?
Duke: Man, I just, I'm not really good at talking to girls.
Viola: Why? You're hot!
Duke: What?
Viola: [clears throat] Ya know, you're an appealing guy- man- guy- guy man.

Duke: Look, I don't know, I just always say the wrong- I just always say the wrong thing.
Viola: OK. Alright, come on, get up. I wanna trying something where I'm gonna act like a girl and you're gonna talk to me, ok?
Duke: Ew. Do, do I have to?
Viola: Yes. Cause, "I'm Viola. Duke, nice to meet you."
Duke: OK, that was creepy. You really just sounded like a girl just then.
Viola: I used to imitate my sister all the time. I got really good at it. Come on, get up. Ask me some questions and if the chemistry's right, things will just start flowin'.
Duke: Questions about what?
Viola: Anything. Ask me if I like… cheese.
Duke: [laughing] Um, ok. Do you… like… cheese?
Viola: [Girl’s voice] Why yes I do. My favourite's gouda.
Duke: I like gouda too?


She's the Man quotes

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