Top 7 gifs about romantic Eat Pray Love quotes

Top 7 gifs about romantic Eat Pray Love quotes

Famous and romantic Eat Pray Love quotes,Here are the most memorable quotes from the 'Eat Pray Love' movie:

A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to "find herself".

"I've been in Rome for three weeks and all I've done is learn a few Italian words and eat."

"You feel guilty because you are American, you don't know how to enjoy yourself."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Americans, you work too hard. You get burnt out. Then you come home and spend the whole weekend in your pyjamas in front of the TV."

"Hah, that's not far off actually."

"But you don't know pleasure. You have to be told you've earned it. An Italian doesn't need to be told. He walks by a sign that says ‘you deserve a break today', and he says ‘yeah, I know'. We call it dolce far niente. It means the sweetness of doing nothing. We are masters of it.


"We all want things to stay the same. Settle for living in misery because we're afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins. Then I looked at around to this place, at the chaos it has endured – the way it has been adapted, burned, pillaged and found a way to build itself back up again. And I was reassured, maybe my life hasn't been so chaotic, it's just the world that is, and the real trap is getting attached to any of it. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” " – Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, Pray, Love".

Eat Pray Love quotes

Liz: I'm in love. I'm having a relationship with my pizza. You look like you're breaking up with your pizza. What's the matter?
Sofi: I can't.
Liz: What do you mean you can't? This is Pizza Margherita in Napoli, it is imperative to eat and enjoy that pizza.
Sofi: I want to, but I've gained like ten pounds. I mean, I've got this. . .right here in my tummy, you know this. . .what's it called? What's the word for it?
Liz: A muffin top. I have one too.
Sofi: I unbuttoned my jeans like five minutes ago just looking at this.
Liz: Lemme ask you a question, in all the years you've ever undressed for a gentleman–
Sofi: –it hasn't been that many.
Liz: Alright. Has he ever asked you to leave? Has he ever walked out, left?
Sofi: No.
Liz: Because he doesn't care. He's in a room with a naked girl. He's won the lottery. I'm so tired of saying no and waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before. Counting every calorie I consumed so I know exactly how much self-loathing to take into the shower. I'm going for it. I have no interest in being obese; I'm just through with the guilt. So this is what I'm going to do, I'm going to finish this pizza and then we're going to go watch the soccer game and tomorrow we're going to go on a little date and buy ourselves some bigger jeans.

Eat Pray Love quotes


Richard: "You're going to have to learn to select your thoughts the same way you select your clothes every day. Now that's a power that you can cultivate. You want to come here and you want to control your life so bad work on the mind, and I don't think you should be trying to control a thing because if you can't master your thoughts you are in trouble forever."

Eat Pray Love quotes

Do you know what I felt when I woke up this morning? Nothing. No passion. No spark. No faith. No heat. Absolutely nothing. I've really gotten past the point where I can be calling this a bad moment and it just terrifies me. Jesus. This is like worse than death to me. The idea that this is the person that I'm gonna be from now on. This happens to people. They fall in love in their 20's. They get married. They do the granite counter-top, white-picket fece in their 30's. so they fail and fall down. They hurt like hell. They straighten up and march their bruised asses to the shrink's office. They can't just check out. I'm not checking out. I need to change. 

Eat Pray Love quotes


I wanna go for someplace where I can marvel at something.

Eat Pray Love quotes

Liz Gilbert: I'm sick of people telling me that I need a man.
Felipe: You don't need a man, Liz. You need a champion.

Eat Pray Love quotes

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