Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Wonderful Quotes From Forrest Gump,Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

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It gets better,but it never goes away,no.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

[while being ambushed] 
Lt. Dan Taylor: Goddammit, Mac! Get that pig unfucked and get it in the treeline!

[talks into the radio]
Lt. Dan Taylor: [to his men] Pull back! Pull back!
Bubba: Forrest! Run! Run, Forrest!
Lt. Dan Taylor: Pull back!
Bubba: Forrest! Run! Run, Forrest! Run! Run!
Lt. Dan: Pull back, Gump! Run, goddamn it! Run! 
Forrest Gump: [voice over] I ran and ran just like Jenny told me to. I ran so far and so fast that pretty soon I was all by myself, which was a bad thing. 

Forrest Gump: Bubba!
Forrest Gump: [voice over] Bubba was my best good friend. I had to make sure he was okay.

[Forrest runs back into the jungle to look for Bubba. He can hear soldiers shouting to each other. He stops] 

Forrest Gump: Bubba!
[he turns and sees wounded soldier has put up his hand] 
Forrest Gump: [voice over] And on my way back to find Bubba, well there was this boy laying on the ground. 

Forrest Gump: Tex! Okay. 
Forrest Gump: [voice over] I couldn't let him lay there all alone and scared the way he was, so I grabbed him up and run him out of there. And every time I went back looking for Bubba, somebody else was saying, "Help me, Forrest, help me!"

[Forrest runs back towards the jungle and keeps encountering wounded soldiers 

from his platoon]
Forrest Gump: [voice over] I started to get scared that I might never find Bubba.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Forrest Gump: Oh Yes, sir. Bit me directly in the but-tocks. They said it was a million dollar wound, but…the army must keep that money, 'cause I still ain't seen a nickel of that million dollars. The only good thing about being wounded in the but-tocks…is the ice cream. They gave me all the ice cream I could eat. And guess what? A good friend of mine was in the bed right next door.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here? 
Lt. Dan Taylor: Well, I thought I'd try out my sea legs. 
Forrest Gump: Well, you ain't got no legs, Lieutenant Dan. 
Lt. Dan Taylor: Yes, I know that. You wrote me a letter, you idiot. Well, well. Captain Forrest Gump. I had to see this for myself. And I told you if you were ever a shrimp boat captain, that I'd be your first mate. Well, here I am. I'm a man of my word.

Forrest Gump: Okay. 

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Forrest Gump: Will you marry me? I'd make a good husband, Jenny. 
[Jenny turns and looks at him] 
Jenny Curran: You would, Forrest. 
Forrest Gump: But you won't marry me. 
Jenny Curran: [sadly] You don't want to marry me. 
Forrest Gump: Why don't you love me, Jenny?
[Jenny says nothing]
Forrest Gump: I'm not a smart man…but I know what love is.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

[referring to his friendship with Jenny]
Forrest Gump: [voice over]She was my most special friend. My only friend. 

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

[to young Forrest] 
Mrs. Gump: Don't ever let anybody tell you they're better than you, Forrest. If God intended everybody to be the same, he'd have given us all braces on our legs.

Forrest Gump: [voice over] Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Forrest Gump: [voice over] You know, it's funny what a young man recollects, 'cause I don't remember being born. I don't recall what I got for my first Christmas, and I don't know when I went on my first outdoor picnic, but I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world.

[back on the school bus a young girl about Forrest’s age speaks up]
Young Jenny Curran: You can sit here if you want. 
Forrest Gump: [voice over] I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. 

She was like an angel.
Young Jenny Curran: Well, are you going to sit down or aren't ya?
[Forrest sits down next to her] 
Young Jenny Curran: What's wrong with your legs? 
Young Forrest Gump: Nothing at all, thank you. My legs are just fine and dandy.

Forrest Gump: [voice over] I just sat next to her on that bus and had a conversation all the way to school.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

Forrest Gump: They sending me to Vietnam. It's this whole other country. 
[to the driver]
Jenny Curran: Just hang on a minute.
[to Forrest]
Jenny Curran: Listen, you promise me something, okay? Just if you're ever in trouble, don't try to be brave. You just run, Okay? Just run away.

Forrest Gump: Okay. Jenny, I'll write you all the time.
[Jenny takes a last look at Forrest, then climbs into the truck which drives away] 

Forrest Gump: [voice over] And just like that, she was gone.

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

[The principal holds up a I.Q chart and points to the center of the graph, labeled “Normal”]

Principal: I want to show you something, Mrs Gump. Now, this is normal. Forrest is right here. The state requires a minimum I.Q. of eighty to attend public school Mrs Gump. He's going to have to go to a special school. Now, he'll be just fine.

Mrs. Gump: What does normal mean anyway? He might be a bit on the slow side, 

but my boy Forrest is gonna get the same opportunities as everyone else. He's not going to some special school to learn how to retread tyres. We're talking about five little points here. There must be somethin' can be done.

Principal: We're a progressive school system. We don't want to see anybody left behind. Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump?

Mrs. Gump: He's on vacation. 

Top 20 great Forrest Gump quotes compilations

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