The safe word is “WHiskey.”

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Rod Kimble: [pronouncing the ‘wh’] The safe word is "WHiskey."
Kevin Powell: Sorry, Rod, What was that?
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing the ‘h’] "WHiskey"
Kevin Powell: [pronouncing it with a silent ‘h’] Don't you mean "Whiskey?"
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing the ‘h’] WHat?
Kevin Powell: You're saying it weird.
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing every W as WH] Saying WHat WHEird?
Kevin Powell: All of it.
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing the ‘h’]
Rod Kimble: WHere do you get off?
Kevin Powell: I just don't get why your saying it that way?
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing every W as WH] WHY I'm saying WHat *WHAT* WHay?
Kevin Powell: Forget it.
Rod Kimble: [pronouncing every W as WH] I WHill! I WHill forget it!

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