The monkey’s out of the bottle now

Pineapple Express quotes 602 Pineapple Express quotes

Saul: How about in the park, when I said you were my friend… you didn't say anything back.
Dale Denton: Well, that's easy. It's because we're not friends. You are my drug dealer. The only reason I know you is because I like the drugs you sell. If you didn't sell drugs, I would have no idea who you are, and I wouldn't be here right now. I would be fantastic!
Saul: Oh.
Dale Denton: I'm sorry, that sounded really mean… just to hear that, that sounded really mean.
Saul: No, I see. The monkey's out of the bottle now!
Dale Denton: What? That's not even… a figure of speech.
Saul: Pandora can't go back into the box – he only comes out.

Pineapple Express quotes

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