one tree hill quotes

one tree hill quotes

This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens,

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Haley James: Remembering what?
Nathan Scott: Your hair. You wore it that way the first day you tutored me.
Haley James: You remember how I wore my hair the first day I tutored you?
Nathan Scott: Of course.
Haley James: What else do you remember?
Nathan Scott: I remember the ugly-ass poncho that you wore.


Nathan Scott: When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared, I was so 

terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, 

I'd walk over to you… I'd tell you how much I need you and how much I want 

you… and how nothing else matters.


[Nathan is outside Haley's house throwing rocks at a window, Haley walks up 

behind him]
Haley James: Trying to wake up my parents? That's their room…
Nathan Scott: [runs over to Haley] Wait, Haley, look I need to apologize, 

Haley James: You should buy 'em in bulk if your gonna hand apologies out that 

Nathan Scott: Look will you just… I don't know how to do this all right…? 

I'm… I'm not like you
Haley James: What does that mean?
Nathan Scott: All right, I screw up a lot, all right… and being around you 

I just I don't wanna be that guy any more.
Haley James: Well, who do you wanna be, Nathan?
Nathan Scott: I wanna be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.
Haley James: You should've thought of that last night… You know I keep… I 

keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it and it's probably a 

good thing because at this point there is nothing that you can say or do 

that's gonna surprise me!
[Nathan cuts her off with a kiss]
Haley James: Except that… You shouldn't have done that Nathan…
Nathan Scott: But I wanted to…
Haley James: Yeah…
[jumps onto Nathan and starts kissing him]


Lucas Scott: [after Brooke saw Rachel naked in the back of Luke’s car] 

Brooke, this isn't what it looks like. Anyways, I don't get why you're so 

Brooke: You're kidding, right?
Lucas Scott: You're the one who wanted to be non-exclusive. I'm just doing 

what you wanted.
Brooke: What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me! I wanted you to say that 

there was no-one else you could ever be with and that you'd rather be alone 

then without me. I wanted the Lucas Scott from the beach telling the world 

that he's the one for me!
Lucas Scott: How was I supposed to know that?
Brooke: You just are.
[looks at Luke’s car]
Brooke: And one more thing…
[goes up to the car window where Rachael still is in the backseat and punches 

Brooke: Don't ever hit me again.


[Haley and Nathan are having dinner]
Nathan Scott: So you couldn't have ordered a lobster?
Haley James: Dude, macaroni and cheese is food of the Gods.
Nathan Scott: Yeah if the Gods are five-year-olds.


Peyton: Go Brooke yourself.


Nathan Scott: I was hurt, Haley. But I was still proud of you. Everyday.


Brooke: Haley still loves you. All you have to do is take her back.
Nathan Scott: Right. Kind of like with you and Lucas? You see! It's not so 

easy getting back in the ring. Ecspecially with the one who knocked you out 

in the first place.


Lucas: Man, its been like, twenty minutes, do you think they're coming back?
[Nathan shrugs, then starts laughing]
Lucas: What?
Nathan: Thing, Thing 1, and Thing 3.
[they both laugh]
Lucas: Well, yeah, man, he was the third.
Nathan: Yeah.


Dan Scott: Somewhere along the line, I started hurting the people I care most 

about, and I can't figure out how to stop.
Nathan: Well, stop being a dick, Dad. It would help.


Brooke: I can't breathe!
Haley James: What?
Brooke: There's no room with Chris's ego!


Chris Keller: [Nathan punches Chris – again] Ah! Stop hitting me!
Nathan Scott: Stop kissing my wife!
Chris Keller: I'll stop when you start!


Karen Roe: [referring to Brooke] Oh Lucas, look it's her loss. There are a 

ton of girls out there that would be lucky to have you.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I'll make sure to tell those girls my mommy said so.
Karen Roe: I'm serious. You know a customer once told me that the best way to 

get over someone was to get uder someone else.
[stops licking envelope after realizing what she just said]
Karen Roe: Ohh my God! I just realized what that meant! Uhhhh, ohhh my God. 

I-I thought it was more philosophical, you know get to know them… not get 

under them…
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Mom!
Karen Roe: Uhhhh, scratch that.


Nathan: If you're lucky… if you're the luckiest person on this entire 

planet, the person you love decides to love you back.


Lucas Scott: Do you ever wonder if the we make the moments in our lives or if 

the moments in our lives make us?


Lucas: [to Peyton] Hey. So I saw Nathan in the shower… yeah, no wonder you 

broke up with him.


Nathan Scott: When Haley told me about the tour, I got mad at her. Told her 

that if she left with Chris, it was over. I didn't really mean it. She left 

Karen Roe: Nathan…
Nathan Scott: She's not coming back. What am I gonna do?
Karen Roe: Nathan, I know what it's like to have the person you love walk 

away. Trust me. But I know Haley and she's a good person. She'll do the right 

thing. You just have to have a little faith.


Chris Keller: What, you here to kick my ass because I slept with Brooke?
Nathan Scott: You slept with Brooke?
Chris Keller: Why else would you be here?
Nathan Scott: I came to pay for Haley's studio time. You slept with Brooke?


Haley James: Nathan, about last night?
Nathan: Hey, look it's not about sex with me all right. When you're ready, I 

will be too.
Haley James: Come here.
[they kiss]


Brooke: [pointing to Haley] So what's the deal with that one anyway?
Peyton: She's tutoring Nathan… supposedly.
Brooke: And hanging out with Lucas? And we're supposed to believe she's just 

friends with both of them? Right…
[Nathan walks over to Haley and nods]
Brooke: Oh My God! Did you just see that?
Peyton: See what?
Brooke: He just gave her the nod!
Peyton: What nod?
Brooke: The "Hey, let's hook up after the game" nod. You wanna know what I 

think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl, tutor girl likes Lucas, and I know I 

like Lucas, and I have no idea who the hell you like any more so this has 

been turned into one big love… rectangle plus one… whatever that is!


[the low fuel light comes on]
Peyton: Oh, my God… Brooke, didn't you think to put gas in the car?
[Brooke looks at Haley]
Brooke: Answer the question, Brooke!
Haley James: [gets out of the car] Hey, Peyton, pop the trunk.
Brooke: Peyton, don't listen to her! It might be a trick!
[Peyton pops the trunk anyway]
Haley James: [pulls out a gas can] Great… it's empty! I saw a gas station 

about a mile down the road, if I'm not back in an hour, tell my mom I loved 

Brooke: Don't you mean Nathan?
Peyton: I'll go with you.
Peyton: What about me?
[Peyton locks the doors]
Brooke: Peyton… come back! Someone might come…
Haley James: You did remember to crack a window didn't you?
[Peyton and Haley laugh]
Brooke: Come on, you guys, I'm scared!


Dan Scott: OK, just wait. Let's just talk.
Nathan: Bout what?
Dan Scott: I dunno. How's your wife?
Nathan: [Nathan looks as him mom steps out of the house and looks at them] 

Lot happier than yours.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I should go.
Haley James: Lucas, wait.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: No, I should go. I thought you weren't ready. I didn't 

mean to – it's just – I thought you were going to wait until you got married, 

Haley James: What?
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I thought you were going to wait.
Haley James: We did.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: What?
Haley James: We, um –
[hold up her left hand]
Haley James:
we got married last night.


Brooke: Lucas! Do not make me come in there with you! If you stay in there 

any longer, you're going to use up all the hot water if you haven't already!
[she sticks her hand into the shower]
Brooke: Oh, my God! That's cold water. You're taking a cold shower! Ew. Well, 

the next time you have a wet dream, tell Peyton I say hi!


Nathan: [after scaring Chris Keller into falling off his chair] Consider that 

me hitting you, without the hitting.


Chris Keller: Chris Keller's work here is done.


Dan Scott: Anything else bugging you?
Nathan Scott: Just you.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I'm the guy for you, Brooke Davis… you'll see.


Brooke: You asked me earlier today if I love Lucas, and I have your answer. 

But you don't deserve to hear it.
Peyton: Brooke.
Brooke: No. I want you to understand something. As far as I'm concerned, this 

friendship is over. And if we never speak again for the rest of our lives, 

that'll be fine. I gave you a second chance, Peyton. And you blew it.


Brooke: There are 82 letters in here, and they're all addressed to you. I 

wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them 'cause I was 

Lucas Scott: Brooke…
Brooke: I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, like before. 'Cause 

you hurt me so bad, and I was afraid to be vulnerable. And I was afraid of 

you and the way that you make me feel. And I know that doesn't matter now 

after what I did, but I just thought that you should know. This was how I 

spent my summer, Luke, wanting you… I'm just too scared to admitt it.
Lucas Scott: Brooke! I'm sorry! What you did with Chris… it's okay.
Brooke: It's not. It can't be. It's too much to forgive!
Lucas Scott: Well, that's too bad because I forgive you.
Brooke: You can't!
Lucas Scott: I just did. So you're gonna just have to deal with it. I'm the 

guy for you Brooke Davis, and I know I hurt you last time we're together, 

Brooke: I love you.
Lucas Scott: I love you too… pretty girl.


Brooke: [to Haley] Sometimes people play hard to get to know that the other 

person's feelings are real.


Peyton: What are you still doing here?
Haley James: [sarcastically] I'm thinking of transferring… what's you're 

Peyton: Brooke… she's been in there forever.
Brooke: [High on pain killers] Peyton!
[stumbles over to Peyton]
Brooke: This is my best friend in the whole wide world, don't you think she's 

Peyton: What the hell is this?
College Guy: She found some pills… on the floor, just let her sleep it off 

and she'll be fine, I should probably go.
Brooke: Call me!
[Brooke trips and Haley catches her]
Brooke: Hey what's your name?
Haley James: HALEY…
Brooke: Yeah I don't like that name, let's call you Brooke…
[Haley puts Brooke in the backseat]
Peyton: Thanks… so where are you going now?
Haley James: I was gonna catch the last bus out.
Peyton: It just left…
Brooke: That's perfect! Brooke you can come with us!
[Peyton looks at Haley strangely]
Haley James: Yeah she named me Brooke…
Brooke: Can she come? Please Peyton?
Peyton: Fine, but don't touch the stereo or else we're gonna have a problem!
Brooke: [singing and shaking her pom-poms] We're goin' on a road trip, we're 

goin' on a road trip…


Nathan: You realize I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for you. If 

you'd stayed in your place at the river court I never would have met Haley. 

You ruined my life, man. You'd better watch your back.


Dan Scott: [after Dan finds out that Deb has been abusing perscriptioned 

medication] How long, with the pills?
Deb Scott: Since I quit my job.
Dan Scott: Why?
Deb Scott: Because I'm married to you.


Brooke: [walks in on Nathan and Peyton involved in a ticke-fight] First, 

Lucas, then Jake, now Nathan. I guess "slutty" is in season.
Peyton: And why is bitch being a Brooke?
Brooke: Because! I'm leaving tomorrow for the summer, maybe forever, and my 

best friend is having psuedo-innocent foreplay with kind-of married guys!


Peyton: Buds over studs.
Brooke: Hoes over bros.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I don't see why you get off by screwing things up!
Chris Keller: How? By having sex with Haley?
[Lucas looks shocked]
Chris Keller: Because we haven't done that.


Dan Scott: Nathan, how have you been?
Nathan Scott: Drunk. Bitter. Kinda like Mom.


Nathan Scott: I heard about what happened Saturday night.
Lucas Scott: And?
Nathan Scott: And if all this stuff about Brooke is gonna make you play any 

worse, you should just take yourself out of the game right now.
Lucas Scott: Thanks for your concern, but how about you mind your own 

Nathan Scott: The game *is* my business, all right? And I don't want you 

screwing it up over some chick.
Lucas Scott: Heh. You're one to talk.
Nathan Scott: Yeah, I am. See, my game's gotten better; your game sucks. Fix 

Lucas Scott: Your marriage sucks. Fix it.
Nathan Scott: I'll tell you what. I'll give you the same brilliant advice 

that you gave me when Chris kissed Haley.
[Nathan copies Lucas’ voice and signature squint]
Nathan Scott: "Just forgive her, man. She loves you."
[Lucas glares at Nathan]
Nathan Scott: Doesn't help much, does it?


Brooke, Peyton, Rachel Gatina: [In unison, after a rude nurse finally helps 

Haley at the hospital] Bitch!/ Slut!/ Whore!
Bevin Mirskey: Thank you!


Haley James: The magazine pages are sticky again, little perv. Hey, Lucas! 

Have you been reading this?
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I don't know, Haley. Is that the "Why do I hang out with 

these people?" issue, because your on the cover of that, right?
Haley James: Actually it's the "My best friend is an idiot" issue, and there 

you are.


Peyton: I heard you were naked in his car.
Brooke: No, I was partially naked. At one point I had mittens on cause it was 



Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I look like an idiot.
Haley James: Dude, I saw you in your headgear.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Don't call me dude. And I thought we promised not to talk 

about that in public?


[Haley and Nathan are on a date, Tim and some buddies walk up]
Tim Smith: Hey Nathan, what's up man?
[looks at Haley]
Nathan Scott: Hey guys, you know Haley, she's my tutor…
Tim Smith: This looks a lot like a date to me
Nathan Scott: No man, definitely not
Tim Smith: All right, see you later
Nathan Scott: I'm sorry about that…
Haley James: [cutting Nathan off] Are you embarrassed to be seen with me? And 

why are you only nice to me when we're alone?
Nathan Scott: It's just…
Haley James: …You know, for an hour you almost got me to believe that 

you're not a son of a bitch but, God, you fooled me again.


Haley James: Be careful with his heart. It's more fragile than you think.


Mouth: We just heard Principal Turner read a list of Erica's accomplishments. 

I could try to do that for Brooke but it would be kind of a short speech. As 

you know, Brooke's probably one of the most popular people in school. 

Something I'm definitely not. And yet she's my friend. She never cared what 

clique I was part of, the kinds of clothes I wore or the fact that I have to 

ride the bus. She looked past that stuff. And when you think about it, isn't 

that what we want in our president? Someone who can see past the superficial 

differences and bring us together? This year, Brooke's had her share of ups 

and downs. Just like all of us. But most of you never saw it. Because even 

when life got hard, Brooke never let it in. She was just… Brooke. Tough, 

smart, one-of-a-kind. And I don't know about you but those are things that I 

look for in a leader. Brooke Davis is my friend but that's not why I'm voting 

for her. I'm voting for her because of her heart and her spirit. And because 

she's the best person for the job.


Nathan Scott: Trust me, you're better off anyways. Love sucks.
Peyton: Nathan…
Nathan Scott: No. Think about it. Dan and Karen. You and Lucas. Me and Haley. 

You got it right, Peyton. People always leave.


Brooke: Okay. Read it. Just skip to the last line. Go ahead.
Lucas: What's wrong with the last line? "You're mine forever." Sounds pretty 

damn good to me.
Brooke: Yeah. Sounds great. Sounded even better when I read it the first time 

last spring in another letter you wrote. To Peyton!


Haley James: Hi.
Nathan: Hey. Thanks for coming.
Haley James: Yeah, thanks for calling me. What's wrong?
Nathan: Your song is great, Haley. Chris played it for me… uh, it's a long 

story, but it's really great. I just wanted you to know that.
Haley James: Oh… okay.
Nathan: My mom left… for good. I think. Oh and apparently my dad's the 

mayor now, so, yeah, today's really sucked ass.
Haley James: Oh, Nathan. I'm so sorry.
Nathan: You know for most of my life I would have gone through this alone, 

but then I met you. And I finally found someone I could depend on like I've 

got this. So I guess I called you 'cause I wanted to know if that was still 

Haley James: Nathan, you can always call me. Always and forever. I want to 

ask you something, umm, the night of the masquerade party, did we… did you 

kiss me?
Nathan: Of course I did.
Haley James: Oh, no you didn't. That kiss wasn't half as good as this one. I 

love you for lying to me. Thanks for calling.
Nathan: Haley… stay with me tonight.
Haley James: Oh, I was hoping you would say that.


Nathan: So a month ago, did you think we be alone in your bedroom?
Haley James: Oh but we're not alone in my bedroom, we have the fore-fathers 

with us.
Nathan: They can watch.
Haley James: Nathan, can you just get serious for a minute?
Nathan: Oh I'm serious, come here.
[he pulls her next to him and they start to kiss]


[repeated line]
Lucas: It's worth nothing if you can't knock down the shot.


Keith Scott: Karen. Ready to go?
Karen Roe: Oh, I'm not going. I decided to stay open. I could use the 

Keith Scott: You talk to Luke about this?
Karen Roe: No, he will understand.
Keith Scott: Karen…
Haley James: She doesn't want to go. She doesn't want to see her high school 

sweetheart slash your brother Dan slash the jerk who abandoned Lucas slash 

the father of Nathan, the team's star player slash my wrists if I hear this 

story again. Let's go.
Keith Scott: I think you're making a mistake.


Haley James: [after Chris auditions to play at tric] Wow, you're really good!
Chris Keller: Yeah, I know.


Nathan Scott: Hey, where you goin'?
Chris Keller: Chris Keller's work here is done.


Brooke: I didn't want to wake you, sleeping bitchy.


Nathan: You know this whole thing, is just another chance for you to pick me 

apart and show me how much better you are. Well there you go dad, you just 

kick my ass. Congratulations, it was great really.
[starts clapping]
Dan Scott: Don't make a scene.
Nathan: You know what, I almost killed myself for you. You know that?
Dan Scott: What are you talking about?
Nathan: Drugs dad, I took drugs for you.
Dan Scott: No, my son would never take drugs.
Nathan: Your son, its all about you isn't it dad? You know why mom kicked you 

out? Because you're a bully and you don't give a damn about anything other 

then your own ego.
Dan Scott: Will you keep your voice down?
Nathan: No. You know what you should do? You should give mom her divorce, you 

should do her a favor and give mom a divorce. She'll never be happy with you 

dad, no one will.


Nathan: Lets just get this over with.
Peyton: Funny, that's what he used to say before we had sex.


Haley James: Lucas, Luke I'm scared, Luke this is so not cool! Come out here 

right now, *Lucas Scott*!
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Boogie Man!
[Haley punches Lucas in the stomach]
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Damn it Haley, jees you're gonna kill me. You know 

Houdini died like that.
Haley James: Yeah, well you deserve it dumbass! I told you I didn't want to 

take this shortcut.
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: What are you whispering for?
Haley James: Because…
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Haley, these people, they're dead.
Haley James: Yes, but if you keep yelling the freakin' zombie's are gonna 

hear us!
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Haley!
Haley James: What?
Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I gotta tell you something!
Haley James: OK, what is her name, and what is it that you did that you 

Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I'm going to Charleston with Keith.
Haley James: What are you talking about?


Brooke: [to Peyton] Crack whore!
Peyton: [to Brooke] Slut!
Brooke: [to Haley] Liar!


Brooke: Let's see, in ten years, I'll probably be married to someone like 

Marvin McFadden.
Anna: Who's Marvin McFadden?
Brooke: Of course, you all probably call him Senator McFadden or something. 

But we just call him Mouth.


Dan Scott: You're full of crap.
Coach Whitey Durham: It comes with old age, Danny, constipation.


Nathan Scott: [hands picture to Peyton] This is us at the beginning of the 

year. You were never happier.
Peyton: [smiles] You were never hornier.


Lucas: My dad didn't want me, okay? Not just that he didn't want to claim me. 

He didn't want me to be born. Now I always thought that when I started a 

family, I'd be older and settled and I'd be…
Brooke: In love?
Lucas: Yeah. But so did my mom.
Brooke: Lucas…
Lucas: No, look – this whole thing scares the hell outta me, okay? But 

whatever you decide to do, I'll be there. And if you're not ready, then 

you're not ready, but if you wanna have this baby – then so do I, and 

whatever it takes for me to be a good father, I'll be there. Always. I 

promise you. I won't let you down.


Jake Jaglieski: [to the Time Capsule] So, I'm a single father, and until 

recently a high school dropout, and I'm going on the first date since my 

daughter was born, aren't I a great catch or what?


Erica Marsh: This is your room?
Brooke: Yeah.
Erica Marsh: It's nice.
Brooke: Well, it was until my parents sold all my stuff including one of the 

O's in my name, so now I'm officially "Broke Davis"!


Chris Keller: Well, this is gonna cost you. I mean we've got studio space, 

first class accommodations, my time – which is worth a lot – and I'm kinda 

diggin' that watch.
Nathan: Don't screw with me, Keller.
Chris Keller: All right, tell you what. Give me the rest of this sandwich and 

I'm in.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Ida Scott Taylor once wrote: Do not look back and grieve 

over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for 

it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it 

will be worth remembering.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: [Dan asks Lucas to play a basketball game one on one] No 

I think I'll pass.
Dan Scott: That's exactly what i want you to do pass the ball to Nathan 

Lucas 'Luke' Scott: Mental note, Nathan's Daddy wants me to pass the ball to 



Ellie Hart: If you find someone you're in love with that's also your friend, 

wouldn't that be the greatest benefit.


Karen Roe: It's past curfew, Brooke.
Brooke: [drunk] I know, I'm sorry. Bevin made me go to this party because 

I've been "drifting."
Karen Roe: Have you been drinking, Brooke?
Brooke: No, Karen, "drif-ting."


Brooke: Easy on the skanky innuendo!


Dan Scott: I should apologize… but I won't.


Brooke: This is like dance auditions for "Crap, the Musical."


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I know that you're hurting now more than ever and I don't 

want to make that worse but I need to tell you something. I lied to you about 

my heart condition. I have HCM. I need you. I need you now more than ever.


Erica Marsh: It's funny. You're scared of what's in here, I'm scared of 

what's out there.


Brooke: Not exactly the magical night you had planned?
Haley James: No, I wouldn't say that. Crowded mall and Nathan ignoring me. 

Chris Keller stealing change out of the fountain…


Chris Keller: Come on. Either he gets jealous or me, you and Brooke have a 

threesome. Either way, it's win-win for you.


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: [to Brooke] Game on Brooke Davis.


Dan Scott: [to Deb, after he superglued the phone] You wanna play with me? 

Game on Bitch!


Dan Scott: [to Nathan] Can't blame a man for trying to hold on.
[nathan is looking at the sand from the beach where he was married]


[Brooke walks up to Peyton at school a few days after Peyton had been drugged 

at a party]
Brooke: So, have you been to any bad parties lately?
[Peyton and Brooke both smile]
Brooke: C'mon, I'll walk you to History.


Nathan: [deadpan] I'm happy mom, dad loves me.


Brooke: Here's my philosophy on dating. It's important to have somebody that 

can make you laugh, somebody you can trust, somebody that, y'know, turns you 

on… And it's really, really important that these three people don't know 

each other.


[Brooke is drinking alone. A guy sits next to her. She gives him a fake smile 

then looks away]
Guy: Buy you a drink?
Brooke: Okay, guy in need of a clue. Here's one. Women send signals. That was 

a brush off. Before you dip into your shallow pool of wit let me paint us a 

picture and save us both the trouble. Here's your evening. You are going to 

slink back off to your buddies, laugh this off, get wasted, go home, and make 

nice with yourself. But don't be thinking of me, because even your fantasy of 

me, isn't interested in you.


Nathan: So you want me to tell you something about myself? I don't have 

anything to say. Even if I did you'd be wrong to believe me. Trust is a lie. 

Nobody ever knows any more.


Nathan: [on video for the time capsule] Voice mail. I hope you don't still 

got that crap.


Keith Scott: How could you do this to me?
Dan Scott: Everytime I thought about you screwing my wife and the heart 

attack you gave me it got easier.
Keith Scott: I can't believe you.
Dan Scott: Well maybe you could find out in the phone book. Look under 'w' 

for whore. But wait she's not that smart so look under 'h'.


Chris Keller: [playing guitar as Brooke walks by his hotel room] Lucas and 

Haley aren't back yet, but you can come on into the devil's lair, put down 

your things, have sex with Chris Keller… whatever.


Dan Scott: How great is this? Dinner together… steaks on the grill… you 

not punching me…


Peyton: As a matter of fact, it's half-past the crazy bitch so leave me 



Peyton: [at the Boy Toy Charity Date Auction] This is fun. So who's next?
Haley James: [reads program] Oh, no…
Other Female Bidders: [in unison] Tim.


Lucas: There's something I have to tell you. You should sit.
Karen Roe: Okay. I think I'll stand.
Lucas: This is gonna hurt you, Mom. And I'm sorry.
Karen Roe: What happened?
Lucas: Brooke's pregnant.
Karen Roe: [she slaps him] Oh, my God, Lucas. I'm so sorry.
Lucas: I guess I deserved that. Stupid…
[he walks off]


Karen Roe: [after finding out Brooke is pregnant, Karen has slapped Lucas] 

Lucas! I didn't mean it.
Lucas: I'm pretty sure you did.
Karen Roe: No! It's just – do you understand? This is *exactly* what I didn't 

want for you! I mean, have I been talking to myself for the last few years? 

You have so much left to do in life! So does Brooke. Oh God, you're both just 

too young for this.
Lucas: Don't cry, Mom.
Karen Roe: It's just that I'm scared for you. I can't believe this is 



Lucas: How close was I to not existing? Dan wanted an abortion, Mom. Why 

didn't you listen to him?
Karen Roe: Because I realized… I wanted you in my future.


Brooke: I lied.
Lucas: What?
Brooke: I'm not pregnant.
Lucas: Wha – But I saw the test.
Brooke: I know. And when the doctor called, he said I wasn't pregnant. He 

said that can happen.
Lucas: Okay, no-no-no-no no. I-I-I was standing right there when he called.
Brooke: And you had just called me a slut.
Lucas: So you lied to me to punish me? How could you do that?
Brooke: How could you cheat on me with my best friend?
Lucas: Brooke, I never meant to hurt you.
Brooke: That doesn't really matter, Lucas. 'Cause in the end it all hurts 

just the same.


Lucas Scott: Kahlil Gibran once wrote: "Your reason and your passion are your 

rudder and sails of your seafaring soul. If either be broken, you could but 

toss and drift or else be held at a standstill amid seas. For reason, running 

alone, is a force confining. And passion, unattended, is a flame that burns 

to its own destruction."


Lucas Scott: Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always. A promise. 

Like a reward for persisting through life so long alone. A belief in each 

other and the possibility of love. A decision to ignore, simply rise above 

the pain of the past. A covenant, which at once binds two souls and yet 

severs prior ties. A celebration of the chance taken and the challenge that 

lies ahead. For two will always be stronger than one, like a team braced 

against the tempest civil world. And love will always be the guiding force in 

our lives. For tonight is mere formality. Only an announcement to the world 

of feelings long held. Promises made long ago. In the sacred spaces of our 



Charlotte: I mean, what do you do here without cute guys and good parties?
Brooke: [in southern accent] Well, we have a nightly bajo duel and then 

there's the cousin swap, and on Friday nights we all take baths together!


Brooke: Thank you for coming, Nate.
Nathan Scott: Whatever, I just ran out of alcohol.


Nathan Scott: Evening officer, buy us some beer?


Jules: You didn't turn your cell phone off in a church?
Dan Scott: It might be God.


Nathan Scott: Evening, officer, buy us some beer?


Peyton: ok, I am not arguing with you!
Peyton's subconscience: Oh, come on, Peyton that's what we do, OK? We have 

these inner conversations daily! Am I gonna look stupid? Am I pretty enough? 

Did Jake just want to get in my pants? Should Lucas be with me, instead of 

Peyton: No, OK you're wrong. Lucas and I are just friends and Jake loved me.
Peyton's subconscience: Whatever you say, cheerleader… whine, whine, mope, 

mope, always the victim! My mom died, Jake left, Ellie lied! Boo hoo.
Peyton: You really are a bitch, you know that?
Peyton's subconscience: I'm not the one who sent Ellie away. People always 

leave or Peyton always drives them away.


Brooke: [to Rachel] Naked in the backseat is so last year, its two years ago.


Karen Roe: [referring to Dan] Look at him… With his ass of a suit, his assy 

smile, and his frat boy haircut!


Coach Whitey Durham: It's hard to lose somebody. I spent a lot of time 

searching for reasons and answers. But you can't find what's not there.


Peyton: Are you not helping me move you because it brings back bad memories 

or because you're a lazy pile of crap?


Haley James: [Haley and Lucas come into the apartment while Chris is annoying 

Brooke] Hey guys… what's goin' on?
Chris Keller: She was just hittin' on me…
[Brooke rolls her eyes]


Mouth: I'm really messed up on the hooch, you know.


Dan Scott: You should take a job application… now that you're unemployed.


Brooke: Do you… drink?
Erica Marsh: I do now! Besides, you said I should find other activities!
Brooke: Yeah, but I meant like, pep club. Not… beer bong club.


Brooke: Just the smell of it, like sports bras and desperation.


Ellie Hart: It's an article I wrote.
Peyton: For what, Lying Bitch Monthly?


Brooke: [to Rachel] Somebody was being a full on diva skank.


Lucas: [voice-over] As happens sometimes a moment settled and hovered and 

remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped 

for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone.


Brooke: Real thing beat the internet don't they?
Mouth: Internet sucks!


Brooke: Guess who's in the lobby, I'll tell you. Claire Young and her little 

hoe posy. We are going down there.
Peyton: Okay. And if an angry dance-off breaks out I got your back.
Brooke: Great. Just don't stick another knife in it.


Tim Smith: [on video for time capsule] Lets see what else… um… Oh yeah, 

there's this new girl Anna who's into me, but I'm all…"Girl, be patient, 

you know? The Tim'll get to you eventually."
Anna: [coming into the room] What did he just say?
Mouth: OK, I think I got it.
Anna: Did that creepy Tim guy say I was into him?
Mouth: Um, sorta.
Anna: Ok, first of all, gross.


Brooke: Lucas was my gangrene-infected, amputated limb.


Brooke: [Brooke has hurt her ankle and is getting it looked at by a med 

student] This really hurts. Do you think you could, you know, give me 

something for the pain?
College Guy: I shouldn't but… here you go.
[he gives her one pill]
Brooke: Just one?
College Guy: Okay.
[he hands her another]
College Guy: Now, those are really strong so I guess, take half at a time –
[Brooke has swallowed both at once]
Brooke: Whoops! All gone!


Lucas 'Luke' Scott: I did something tonight, and I can't take it back.


Peyton: Why don't you live with me?
Brooke: Sure, I'll get the school phone and call my parents.
Peyton: Why don't you just use your cell?
Brooke: My parents put me on this pay-as-you-go thing, and I haven't paid.


Mouth: What are we waiting for? All we have is NOW.

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