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Ray: Jesus, Ken, I'm trying to talk about…
Ken: I know what you're trying to talk about.
Ray: I killed a little boy. You keep bringing up the fucking lollipop man.
Ken: You didn't mean to kill a little boy.
Ray: I know I didn't mean to… but because of the choices I made, and the course that I put into action, that little boy isn't here anymore, and he'll never be here again.

Ray: I mean here in the world, not here in Belgium. Well he'll never be here in Belgium either, will he? I mean, he might've wanted to come here when he got older. Don't know why. And that's all because of me. He's dead because of me. And I'm trying to… been trying to get me head around it, but I can't. I will have always have killed that little boy. That ain't ever going away. Ever. Unless… maybe I go away.

Ken: Don't even think like that.

In Bruges quotes

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