I know that I’m gonna marry him. He doesn’t know it but I am

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Mrs. Random: Who is this David?
Susan Vance: He's a friend of Mark's.
Mrs. Random: Is that all you know about him?
Susan Vance: No, I know that I'm gonna marry him. He doesn't know it but I am.
Mrs. Random: Now see here, if you're planning to marry him on my money you are very much mistaken. I don't want another lunatic in the family I have lunatics enough all ready. When are you going to marry him? What's his name?
Susan Vance: It's uh Bone
Mrs. Random: Bones ?
Susan Vance: One Bone
Mrs. Random: Well one bone or two bones it's a ridiculous name.
Mrs. Random: What does he do?
Susan Vance: He hunts
Mrs. Random: Hunts? Hunts what?
Susan Vance: Well – animals I should think.

Bringing Up Baby quotes

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