I am nothing without you

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Hephaistion: [on his death bed] I'll feel better. Soon I'll be up.
Alexander: We leave for Arabia in the spring, I can't leave without you!
Hephaistion: Arabia… you used to dress me up like a sheik and wave your wooden scimitar…
Alexander: You were the only one who'd never let me win. The only one who's ever been honest with me. You saved me from myself. Please don't leave me, Hephaistion.

Hephaistion: …I remember the young man who wanted to be Achilles, and then out did him.
Alexander: And then what happens? That was a myth only young men believe!
Hephaistion: But how beautiful a myth it was.
Alexander: How we reach, we fall! Oh, Hephaistion.
Hephaistion: I worry for you without me.
Alexander: I am nothing without you!

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