amazing doctor who quotes compilations

amazing doctor who quotes compilations

If you're a fan of Doctor Who then chances are you already know that Doctor Who has some amazing quotes.Quotes from Doctor Who. Explore and add your favorite quotes to an ever- growing collection of popular quotations from Doctor Who.Enjoy!

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1.I'm the Doctor. Do everything I tell you. Don't ask stupid questions, and don't wander off.

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2.You want to be forgiven. Don't we all?

the doctor,eleventh doctor,doctor who quotes

3.Well,you say that as if it's a bad thing. But honestly,it's the best thing there is.matt smith,doctor who quotes

4.Complicated as in…walking coma.

eleventh doctor,doctor who quotes

5.Then the metacarpal bones,extending in three distinct phalanges.

doctor who quotes,tv,martha jones

6.But we're not good enough for that lot. They think we should be in steerage.

doctor who quotes,tv,doctor who

7.So what's it made of,time? I mean if you can just row right through it, it's got to be made of…stuff, like jam's made of strawberries.

doctor who quotes,tv,clara oswald

8.Same old life, last of the Time Lords.

doctor who quotes,smile,crying

9.Show m

doctor who quotes,rose x nine could stay here,fill you life with work and food and sleep or you could go uh…anywhere.

doctor who quotes,ninth doctor,christopher eccleston

11.You can't be doin that…

doctor who quotes,michael jackson,clara oswald


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