amazing doctor who quotes compilations

amazing doctor who quotes compilations

If you're a fan of Doctor Who then chances are you already know that Doctor Who has some amazing quotes.Quotes from Doctor Who. Explore and add your favorite quotes to an ever- growing collection of popular quotations from Doctor Who.Enjoy!

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1.Early 30th century?

doctor who quotes,matt smith,eleventh doctor

2. How can you be okay?

doctor who quotes,matt smith

3. I don't believe in ghosts.

doctor who quotes,jenna louise coleman

4.hi honey, I'm home.

doctor who quotes,eleventh doctor,river song

5.and then I find a new name, because I won't be the Doctor anymore.

doctor who quotes,eleventh doctor,concern

6. Shouldn't it just sort of…be there?

doctor who quotes,eleventh doctor,bbc

7.Don't play games with me.

doctor who quotes,eleventh doctor

8. The 'he's hot when he's clever'face

doctor who quotes,doctor who,matt smith,river spng

9. I like a hash tag,A marvelous thing, a hash tag.

doctor who quotes,doctor who,matt smith,eleventh

10.I sent Christmas day just over there.The powell Estate with this…

doctor who quotes,david tennant,ten

11.Whould you like me to repeat the questions?

doctor who quotes,arthur darvill,rory williams

12. I've got you. I missed you. Look, it's me.

miss you quotes,doctor who,david tennant,blonde

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