all great movie Transformers Age of Extinction quotes

all great movie Transformers Age of Extinction quotes

Transformers Age of Extinction quotes



Joshua: I can't believe I'm putting my life in your hands!
Cade Yeager: You want the alien gun? Take it!
Joshua: No, I don't want the alien gun!

Hound: [fires shots into the air] Oh yeah! HELL YEAH! He's back! He's alive! OPTIMUS IS HERE!
Drift: At last, there is hope after all…

Joshua Joyce: [to Cade] I may have started the apocalypse, but you brought your family. And that's, you know, terrible parenting.
Cade Yeager: I'm about one second away from knocking you out, taking the bomb and just leaving you here.
Joshua Joyce: Do me the favour, please?

Cade Yeager: We're going to save Prime!
Crosshairs: Why should we? What's in it for me?
Hound: [puts a gun to Crosshairs’s head] What's in it for you is I don't kill ya. We're gettin' the boss back, and the girl!

Optimus Prime: Honor to the end.

Crosshairs: We'll let Prime figure this one out.
Drift: Very wise.

Galvatron: We will meet again, Prime… for I am reborn!

Optimus Prime: While I was fighting the machine, I felt the presence of my old nemesis.
Cade Yeager: Megatron?
Brains: How do you think they made those drones? KSI captured all those robot remains from Chicago and started tearing them up! They made me a morgue assistant. It turned out, Megatron wasn't as dead as they thought! It's a different name, but the same bot underneath!


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