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all great movie Rent quotes,rent (2005), Drama, Musical, Romance film,enjoy the best pictures from rent 2005.

This is the film version of the Pulitzer and Tony Award winning musical about Bohemians in the East Village of New York City struggling with life, love and AIDS, and the impacts they have on America.


Merry Christmas,bitches!

Rent quotes
This is weird. It's weird.very weird.fuckin'weird.

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There are times when we're dirt broke, hungry, and freezing, and I ask myself, why the hell am I still living here?

Rent quotes
It's right that today's Halloween. It was Angel's favorite holiday. I knew we'd hit it off the moment we met. There was this skinhead that was harassing her… and she walked right up to him and said, "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be – and more of a woman than you'll ever get."

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How do you document real life, when real life's getting more like fiction each day?

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