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In all famous movie,Love is an eternal topic,so we made 48 best movie quotes,Such as,Gone with the Wind.

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Forrest Gump (1994) ,Goodfellas (1990),The Matrix (1999),The Prestige (2006),The Princess Bride (1987),The Shawshank Redemption (1994),etc,enjoy them!!!



0-9  |   50 First Dates quotes (2004)   500 days of summer quotes (2009)   21 jump street quotes  (2012)    12 Years a Slave quotes  (2013)    40 Year Old Virgin quotes (2005)    3 Idiots quotes (2009)    8 Mile quotes  (2002)    3 Days to Kill quotes  (2014)    10 Things I Hate About You quotes (1999)    27 Dresses quotes  (2008)   2001 A Space Odyssey quotes  (1968)

A  |  12 Angry Men quotes (1957)   A Beautiful Mind quotes (2001)   A Clockwork Orange quotes (1971)    Alien quotes (1979)   American Beauty quotes (1999)    All Quiet on the Weste quotes (1930)  Aliens quotes (1986)  Alice in Wonderland quotes (2010)   American History X quotes (1998)   Annie Hall quotes (1977)    Apocalypse Now quotes (1979)  A Walk to Remember quotes(2002)    Avatoar quotes (2009)    After Earth quotes (2013)    anchorman quotes  (2004)  american psycho quotes (2000)  Austin Powers quotes (International Man of Mystery  1997)    Austin Powers quotes (The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999)    Austin Powers quotes (in Goldmember 2002)    Airplane quotes (1980)    Ace Ventura Pet Detective quotes(1994)    Ace Ventura When Nature Calls quotes (1995)    a Few Good Men quotes (1992)    Animal House quotes (1978)    American Hustle quotes (2013)    About Time quotes (2013)    Almost Famous quotes  (2000)   a Christmas Story quotes (1983)   Aladdin quotes (1992)   As Good As It Gets quotes (1997)    A Million Ways to Die in the West quotes  (2014)    Adam's Rib quotes (1949)    Aquamarine quotes  (2006)    An Education quotes (2009)    American Graffiti quotes (1973)A Knight's Tale quotes  (2001)    Along Came Polly quotes  (2004)    After Hours quotes (1985)    Anna Karenina quotes (2012)    Amelie quotes (2001)   A Long Way Down quotes  (2014)    Angus Thongs and Perfect snogging quotes  (2008)   All Dogs Go to Heaven quotes  (1989)a Bronx Tale quotes  (1993)    a River Runs Through It quotes  (1992)    Avatar quotes (2009)    a League of Their Own quotes  (1992)    Act of Valor quotes (2012)    American Gangster quotes  (2007)    American Me quotes  (1992)   Atonement quotes  (2007)    American Pie quotes  (1999)    Armageddon quotes  (1998)    August Rush quotes  (2007)   Adventureland quotes  (2009)Across the Universe quotes  (2007)     a Lot Like Love quotes  (2005)   All the Pretty Horses quotes  (2000)     Apollo 13 quotes  (1995)    Akeelah and the Bee quotes  (2006)


B  |  Beauty and the Beast quotes (1990)   Black Swan quotes (2010)   Blade Runner quotes  (1982)   Braveheart quotes (1995) Bachelorette quotes (2012)  Batman Begins quotes   (2005)   Beasts of the Southern Wild quotes (2012)  Blue Valentine quotes (2010) Breakfast at Tiffany's quotes (1961)   Bridesmaids quotes (2011)  Bring It On All or Nothing quotes (2006)  Brokeback Mountain quotes (2005)   Birthday Girl quotes  (2001)    Bad Teacher quotes  (2011)   Bend It Like Beckham quotes  (2002)Back to the Future quotes (1985)    Back to the Future Part II quotes (1989)  Back to the Future Part III quotes (1990)    Blazing Saddles quotes (1974)    Back to School quotes    Blow quotes (2001)    Boyz n the Hood quotes  (1991)    Bridget Jones's Diary quotes (2001)   Billy Elliot quotes  (2000)Blades of Glory quotes  (2007)   Bull Durham quotes (1988)   Big Trouble in Little China quotes (1986)Beowulf quotes (2007)    Bridges of Madison County quotes (1995)    Big Fish quotes  (2003)    Before Midnight quotes (2013)    Blended quotes  (2014)    Better Living Through Chemistry quotes  (2014)Bruce Almighty quotes (2003)    Bad Santa quotes (2003)    Baby Mama quotes (2008)    Big Daddy quotes (1999)    Better Off Dead quotes (1985)    Before Sunset quotes  (2004)    Boiler Room quotes  (2000)    Being There quotes (1979)    Boyhood quotes  (2014)    Breaking Away quotes  (1979)Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure quotes  (1989)   Beerfest quotes  (2006)    Bambi quotes  (1942)    Blood Diamond quotes  (2006)    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid quotes  (1969)    Best in Show quotes  (2000)    Bringing Up Baby quotes  (1938)    Badlands quotes  (1973)Blue Jasmine quotes  (2013)    Bridge to Terabithia quotes  (2007)  Barcelona quotes  (1994)Breakfast of Champions quotes  (1999)    Brother Bear quotes  (2003)


C  |  Casablanca    Cool Hand Luke  Christmas Vacation quotes   Cloud Atlas quotes    Candy quotes    Cast Away quotes    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quotes    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon quotes (2000)    Catch Me If You Can quotes (2002)    Constantine quotes (2005)    clueless quotes    Caddyshack quotes    crazy quotes    Cool Runnings quotes    Coach Carter quotes    Cinderella quotes (1950)    Captain America The Winter Soldier quotes (2014)   Crazy Stupid Love quotes (2011)Casino quotes (1995)    Conan the Barbarian quotes (2011)    Clerks I quotes (1994)    Clerks quotes II (2006)    Citizen Kane quotes  (1941)   Crocodile Dundee quotes  (1986)    Confessions of a teenage drama queen quotes  (2004)    Cinema Paradiso quotes  (1988)CONTROL quotes (2007)    Cleopatra quotes  (1963)    Charlotte's Web quotes  (2006)    Con Air quotes  (1997)    Catwoman quotes  (2004)    Casanova quotes  (2005)    Carlito's Way quotes  (1993)    Chicago quotes  (2002)    Cruel Intentions quotes (1999)    Coneheads quotes  (1993)Carrie quotes  (2013)    Chasing Amy quotes  (1997)    Commando quotes  (1985)Celeste and Jesse Forever quotes  (2012)    Catch Me If You Can quotes  (2002)Cat on a Hot Tin Roof quotes     Cold Mountain quotes  (2003)    Captain Phillips quotes  (2013)Can't Hardly Wait quotes  (1998)


D  |  Die Hard  Django Unchained  Donnie Darko  Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb    Dear John quotes    Dead Poets Society quotes    Dumb and Dumber quotes    Dazed and Confused quotes (1993)    Dedication quotes (2007)   Despicable Me quotes (2010)    Despicable Me 2 quotes (2013)    Dirty Dancing quotes    Divergent quotes  (2014)   Dirty Harry quotes  (1971)    City of Angels quotes  (1998)    Dorian Gray quotes (2009)    Drop Dead Fred quotes (1991)Days of Thunder quotes  (1990)    Donnie Brasco quotes  (1997)    Don Jon quotes  (2013)    Dumbo quotes  (1941)    Dirty Love quotes (2005)   Dawn of the Planet of the Apes quotes  (2014)Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes  (1999)   Diary of a Mad Black Woman quotes  (2005)Due Date quotes  (2010)    Dances with Wolves quotes  (1990)   Dallas Buyers Club quotes  (2013)Driving Miss Daisy quotes  (1989)    Down to Earth quotes  (2001)   Don Juan DeMarco quotes  (1994)Death Becomes Her quotes  (1992)


E  |  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind    Elf quotes    Edward Scissorhands quotes (1990)    Easy A quotes    Exam quotes (2009)    Epic quotes (2013)    Election quotes (1999)    East of Eden quotes (1955)    Empire Records quotes (1995)    Endless Love quotes  (2014)    Elizabethtown quotes  (2005)Epic Movie quotes (2007)    Enough quotes  (2002)    End of Watch quotes  (2012)    Edge of Tomorrow quotes  (2014)    Enough Said quotes  (2013)    Everything Is Illuminated quotes  (2005)Employee of the Month quotes  (2006)     Easy Rider quotes  (1969)    Enter the Dragon quotes  (1973)Erin Brockovich quotes  (2000)    Enchanted quotes  (2007)   Eurotrip quotes (2004)


F  |  Forrest Gump  Fight Club    Friday quotes    Frozen quotes (2013)    Full Metal Jacket quotes    Finding Nemo quotes    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas quotes    Fahrenheit 451 quotes (1966)    Forgetting Sarah Marshall quotes (2008)    Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes  (1982)   Field of Dreams quotes (1989)    Freedom Writers quotes (2007)    Ferris Bueller's Day Off quotes  (1986)    Fireproof quotes  (2008)    Fame quotes  (2009)    Finding Forrester quotes (2000)Fried Green Tomatoes quotes  (1991)    Freddy Got Fingered quotes (2001)    Footloose quotes (2011)Four Weddings and a Funeral quotes (1994)    Father of the Bride quotes  (1991)Finding Neverland quotes  (2004)    Freaky Friday quotes  (2003)    Eragon quotes  (2006)Funny Face quotes  (1957)    Fight Club quotes


G  |  Gladiator  Gone with the Wind  Good Will Hunting  Goodfellas  Gran Torino  Groundhog Day  gossip girl quotes    Gangster Squad quotes    Gangs of New York quotes    Girl Interrupted quotes    Get Him to the Greek quotes      Godzilla quotes (2014)    Ghostbusters quotes (1984)   Great Expectations quotes  (1998)   Glengarry Glen Ross quotes (1992)   Grease quotes (1978)Grumpy Old Men quotes  (1993)    Gattaca quotes (1997)    Grandma's Boy quotes (2006)    Garden State quotes (2004)    Gravity quotes  (2013)    Galaxy Quest quotes (1999)   G.I. Jane quotes (1997)    Good Advice quotes (2001)   Guardians of the Galaxy quotes  (2014)    Green Street Hooligans quotes  (2005)Good Burger quotes  (1997)    Green Lantern quotes (2011)    Grown Ups quotes  (2010)


H  |  Home Alone 2 quotes    Hannah Montana quotes    Hercules quotes    Horrible Bosses quotes    harry potter quotes     Happy Gilmore quotes    Her quotes (2013)   Hannibal quotes (2001)  Half Baked quotes (1998)    Heathers quotes (1988)    Hot Fuzz quotes  (2007)    Heat quotes (1995)    Heavyweights quotes (1995)    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days quotes (2003)    High Fidelity quotes  (2000)    Heartbreak Ridge quotes  (1986)    How High quotes  (2001)    Hulk quotes  (2003)How the Grinch Stole Christmas quotes  (2000)    Harold and Maude quotes  (1971)    Howl's Moving Castle quotes  (2004)    How to Train Your Dragon 2 quotes  (2014)    Holes quotes  (2003)Human Traffic quotes  (1999)    His Girl Friday quotes  (1940)   Hackers quotes  (1995)Heavenly Creatures quotes  (1994)     Hoosiers quotes  (1986)    Hairspray quotes  (2007)Happy Feet quotes  (2006)


I  |  Inception  Inglourious Basterds    Iron Man quotes    Into the Wild quotes    Independence Day quotes    Iron Man 3 quotes (2013)    Hitch quotes (2005)    Hot Rod quotes (2007)    Idiocracy quotes  (2006)    In Bruges quotes (2008)    If Only quotes (2004)    Invictus quotes  (2009)    I Am Legend quotes  (2007)    Ice Age quotes  (2002)   In Time quotes  (2011)Interstellar quotes (2014)    It Happened One Night quotes (1934)    I Am Sam quotes  (2001)


J  |  Joe Dirt quotes    Jane Eyre quotes (2011)    Just Friends quotes (2005)    Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit quotes (2014)    Jerry Maguire quotes  (1996)    Jurassic Park quotes  (1993)   Jaws quotes (1975)    Juno quotes  (2007)    Jarhead quotes  (2005)    Just Married quotes  (2003)    John Tucker Must Die quotes  (2006)     Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back quotes  (2001)Just Go With It quotes  (2011)    Johnny Dangerously quotes  (1984)


K  |  Kill Bill    Kung Fu Panda quotes    Kick-Ass quotes    Kingdom of Heaven quotes (2005)    Knocked Up quotes  (2007)    Kissing Jessica Stein quotes  (2001)   King Arthur quotes  (2004)


L  |  Life of Pi quotes     Letters to Juliet quotes   Love and Other Drugs quotes    Lost in Translation quotes    Little Miss Sunshine quotes    Legally Blonde quotes    Life Is Beautiful quotes    Lincoln quotes (2012)   Love Actually quotes  (2003)    Neighbors quotes  (2014)    Life of Brian quotes (1979)    Les Miserables quotes  (2012)    Lucky One quotes (2012)    Love Story quotes (1970)    Letters to Juliet quotes (2010)    Lawrence of Arabia quotes  (1962)    Like Crazy quotes  (2011)Love Jones quotes  (1997)    Little Women quotes  (1994)    Lord of War quotes  (2005)   Law Abiding Citizen quotes (2009)   Lawless quotes  (2012)    Limitless  quotes  (2011)    Love and Death quotes  (1975)     Legends of the Fall quotes   (1994)    Lucky Number Slevin quotes  (2006)Lady and the Tramp quotes  (1955)    Layer Cake quotes  (2004)   Little Giants quotes  (1994)Little Manhattan quotes  (2005)Little Nicky quotes  (2000)    Lethal Weapon quotes  (1987)


M  |  Memento  Monsters, Inc   mean girls quotes    Miracle on 34th Street quotes    Madagascar quotes (2005)    Monty Python and the Holy Grail quotes (1975)    Major Payne quotes (1995)    Million Dollar Baby quotes (2004)   My Fair Lady quotes  (1964)    Mommie Dearest quotes  (1981)Man of Steel quotes (2013)    Maleficent quotes  (2014)   Mary Poppins quotes (1964)    Mulan quotes (1998)   My Cousin Vinny quotes (1992)    Moulin Rouge quotes  (2001)    Meet Joe Black quotes  (1998)    Mrs. Doubtfire quotes (1993)    Moonrise Kingdom quotes  (2012)    Monsters University quotes (2013)    Miss Congeniality quotes (2000)    Marie Antoinette quotes (2006)Major League quotes  (1989)    Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium quotes  (2007)    Meet the Robinsons quotes (2007)    Mr. Deeds quotes  (2002)   Movie 43 quotes  (2013)Memoirs of a Geisha quotes  (2005)    Matilda quotes  (1996)    Megamind quotes (2010)   Moneyball quotes (2011)    Message in a bottle quotes (1999)    MASH quotes  (1970)    Men of Honor quotes  (2000)My Big Fat Greek Wedding quotes  (2002)    Mallrats quotes  (1995)    Moonstruck quotes    Man on Fire quotes (2003)    Muriel's Wedding quotes  (1994)    My Sassy Girl quotes  (2008)Meet the Parents quotes  (2000)    Mr. Peabody & Sherman quotes  (2014)


N   |  Napoleon Dynamite quotes    Nacho Libre quotes    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation quotes (1989)   No Strings Attached quotes (2011)    No Country for Old Men quotes  (2001)    Notting Hill quotes (1999)   Never Let Me Go quotes (2010)   Non-Stop quotes  (2014)Natural Born Killers quotes  (1994)    Next Friday quotes (2000)    Norbit quotes  (2007)Nanny McPhee quotes  (2005)    New Jack City quotes (1991)    Never Been Kissed quotes (1999)Noah quotes (2014)    Need for Speed quotes  (2014)    Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist quotes  (2008)


O  |  One Day quotes    Office Space quotes (1999)    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest quotes (1975)Old School quotes (2003)    Out of Sight quotes  (1998)    On Golden Pond quotes (1981)    Oblivion quotes  (2013)    Only You quotes  (1994)    Oz the Great and Powerful quotes  (2013)


P  |  Pirates of the Caribbean    Pitch Perfect quotes   Pulp Fiction quotes    Pretty Woman quotes    Pride and Prejudice quotes    P.S. I Love You quotes (2007)    Pootie Tang quotes (2001)    Pompeii quotes (2014)    Prisoners quotes (2014)    Pineapple Express quotes (2008)    Pocahontas quotes (1995)Point Break quotes (1991)   Patton quotes (1970)    Patch Adams quotes  (1998)    Pay It Forward quotes (2000)    Pacific Rim quotes  (2013)    Predator quotes (1987)    Project X quotes  (2012)   Platoon quotes  (1986)    Pompeii quotes (2014)    Pretty in Pink quotes  (1986)Prozac Nation quotes  (2001)    Poetic Justice quotes  (1993)    Party Monster quotes  (2003)Princess Mononoke quotes  (1997)    Pee-wee's Big Adventure quotes  (1985)   Prometheus quotes  (2012)


R  |  Reality Bites quotes    Risky Business quotes    Remember Me quotes   romeo and juliet quotes

Real Life quotes  (1979)    Remember the Titans quotes  (2000)    RoboCop quotes (2014)   Role Models quotes (2008)    Reservoir Dogs quotes  (1992)    Raising Arizona quotes  (1987)    Rush quotes (2013)    Robin Hood quotes (2010)    Rebel Without a Cause quotes (1955)    Rise of the Guardians quotes  (2012)    Real Genius quotes  (1985)    Rushmore quotes  (1998)    Roman Holiday quotes (1953)Robin Hood Men in Tights quotes  (1993)     Rush Hour quotes (1998)   Roxanne quotes (1987)    Rebound quotes  (2005)    Rent quotes  (2005)    Revolver quotes  (2005)Religulous quotes  (2008)    RockNRolla quotes  (2008)    Rudy quotes  (1993)Runaway Bride quotes  (1999)    Raging Bull quotes  (1980)    Revolutionary Road quotes  (2008)Repo Man quotes  (1984)


S  |  Saving Private Ryan  Streetcar Named Desire  Speak quotes(2004)    Something Borrowed quotes    Skyfall quotes    Scary Movie quotes (2000)    Sin City quotes (2005)    Sleepless in Seattle quotes (1993)    Se7en quotes    scarface quotes    star wars quotes    Step Brothers quotes    Sunshine quotes    Snatch quotes (2000)    Superbad quotes (2007)    Spaceballs quotes (1987)   Scott Pilgrim vs. the World quotes (2010)    Stranger than Fiction quotes  (2006) Super Troopers quotes (2001)   Serendipity quotes (2001)    Shrek quotes (2001)  Steel Magnolias quotes  (1989)   She's the Man quotes (2006)    Serenity quotes (2005) Shaun of the Dead quotes (2004)    Sweet Home Alabama quotes  (2002)    Shakespeare in Love quotes  (1998)    Say Anything quotes  (1989)    She Done Him Wrong quotes (1933)   Sling Blade quotes (1996)    Stand by Me quotes  (1986)   Scent of a Woman quotes (1992)    School of Rock quotes  (2003)   Sixteen Candles quotes (1984)    Star Trek Into Darkness quotes  (2013)    Sleeping Beauty quotes (1959)    So I Married an Axe Murderer quotes  (1993)    Shutter Island quotes  (2010)    Sex Tape quotes  (2014)    St Trinians quotes  (2007)    Something Wicked This Way Comes quotes  (1983)   Seven Pounds quotes  (2008)Sense and Sensibility quotes  (1995)    Submarine quotes  (2010)    Schindler's List quotes (1993)    Silver Linings Playbook quotes    Sabotage quotes  (2014)    Smart People quotes  (2008)Sin City A Dame to Kill For quotes (2014)    Some Like It Hot quotes (1959)    Sideways quotes  (2004)    Something's Gotta Give quotes  (2003)   Stepmom quotes  (1998)Slumdog Millionaire quotes  (2008)    Super 8 quotes  (2011)    Scrooged quotes  (1988)Sweet November quotes  (2001)     Soylent Green quotes  (1973)   Saving Silverman quotes  (2001)


T  |  The Green Mile  The Lord of the Rings  The Matrix  The Prestige  The Princess Bride  The Shawshank Redemption    Tammy quotes  (2014)    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy quotes  (2005)There Will Be Blood  To Kill a Mockingbird  Trainspotting  Transformers  The Mask  Twilight quotes  Titanic quotes   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quotes  (2014)    Tomboy quotes  (2011)The Dark Knight Rises  the notebook quotes   The Great Gatsby quotes   The Devil Wears Prada quotes    The Holiday quotes    The Hangover quotes    The Last Song quotes    The Hunger Games quotes    Terminator 2 quotes (1991)    The English Patient quotes  (1996)    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button quotes    The Pursuit of Happyness quotes   The Princess Diaries quotes (2001)    The Butterfly Effect quotes    The Mechanic quotes    The Wolverine quotes    the breakfast club quotes    the big lebowski quotes    The Perks of Being a Wallflower quotes     The Help quotes    ted quotes    This Is the End quotes    The Godfather quotes (1972)    The Godfather 2 quotes  (1974)   The Godfather 3 quotes  (1990)    The Other Guys quotes (2010)    Tommy Boy quotes (1995)    The Stranger quotes  (1946)    The Croods quotes  (2013)    The Lovely Bones quotes  (2009)   The Nightmare Before Christmas quotes  (1993)    That Awkward Moment quotes  (2014)    The Virgin Suicides quotes  (1999)The Expendables 3 quotes (2014)    Tokarev quotes (2014)   The Apartment quotes  (1960)The Kite Runner quotes  (2007)    The Little Mermaid quotes  (1989)    Tuesdays with Morrie quotes  (1999)    Transformers Age of Extinction Quotes  (2014)    The Wolf of Wall Street quotes (2014)    The Other Woman quotes  (2014)    The Fault in Our Stars quotes (2014)  The Lego Movie quotes (2014)    The Beach quotes  (2000)    The Last Samurai quotes  (2003)   The Nut Job quotes  (2014)The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug quotes  (2014)  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty quotes (2013)Tangled quotes (2010)    The Heat quotes (2013)   Tropic Thunder quotes  (2008)   Training Day quotes (2001)    The Outsiders quotes (1983)    True Romance quotes  (1993)    Thor quotes  (2011)    The Lion King quotes  (1994)    Taxi Driver quotes (1976)  The Bag Man quotes  (2014)The Road quotes (2009)    The Sandlot quotes (1993)    The Color Purple quotes (1985)    Three Amigos quotes  (1986)    The Usual Suspects quotes  (1995)    The Lady Eve quotes  (1941)Troy quotes (2004)    The Host quotes  (2013)    Twins quotes (1988)    Trading Places quotes (1983)    The Ringer quotes  (2005)    The Monuments Men quotes  (2014)  Total Recall quotes  (2012)Tarzan quotes (1999)    The Truman Show quotes  (1998)    True Grit quotes  ( 2010)    The Ugly Truth quotes  (2009)    The Normal Heart quotes (2014)    The Lizzie Mcguire movie quotes  (2003)The Town quotes (2010)    The Count of Monte Cristo quotes  (2002)    The Goonies quotes (1985)Transformers Age of Extinction quotes  (2014)    Transcendence quotes  (2014) The Grand Budapest Hotel quotes (2014)    Tin Cup quotes  (1996)   Tuck Everlasting quotes  (2002)The Philadelphia Story quotes (1940)    There's Something About Mary quotes  (1998)The Wedding Singer quotes  (1998)   The Shop Around the Corner quotes  (1940)The Way Way Back quotes (2013)    The Spectacular Now quotes  (2013)   The Sitter quotes  (2011)Thank You for Smoking quotes  (2005)    TMNT quotes  (2007)    Twister quotes (1996)The Graduate quotes  (1967)    The Wizard of Oz quotes  (1939)    The Waterboy quotes  (1998)The Social Network quotes  (2010)    The Grey quotes  (2011)    The Great Debaters quotes  (2007)



U  |  Up quotes (2009)    Unknown quotes  (2011)    Underdog quotes  (2007)    Uncle Buck quotes (1989)    Unfaithful quotes (2002)    Under The Tuscan Sun quotes  (2003)    Up in the Air quotes  (2009)Urban Cowboy quotes  (1980)    The Grapes of Wrath quotes  (1940)   The Little Rascals quotes  (1994)Unforgiven quotes  (1992)



V  |  Vanilla Sky quotes    Winnie the Pooh quotes    V for Vendetta quotes    Varsity Blues quotes  (1999)    Van Wilder quotes  (2002)    Veronica Mars quotes (2014)    The Break-Up quotes  (2006)Vicky Cristina Barcelona quotes  (2008)    The Meaning of Life quotes  (1983)


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