A moment of wordless communication

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Twilight quotes 2

"Are happy to see me happy. Actually, Esme wouldn't care if you had a 
third eye and webbed feet. All this time she's been worried about me, 
afraid that there was something missing from my essential makeup, that I 
was too young when Carlisle changed me… She's ecstatic. Every time I 
touch you, she just about chokes with satisfaction."

"Alice seems very… enthusiastic."

"Alice has her own way of looking at things," he said through tight lips.

"And you're not going to explain that, are you?"

A moment of wordless communication passed between us. He realized that I 
knew he was keeping something from me. I realized that he wasn't going to 
give anything away. Not now. 

"So what was Carlisle telling you before?"

His eyebrows pulled together. "You noticed that, did you?"

I shrugged. "Of course."

He looked at me thoughtfully for a few seconds before answering. "He 
wanted to tell me some news — he didn't know if it was something I would 
share with you."



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