A Knight’s Tale quotes

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Jocelyn: Sir Ulrick. What are you wearing to the ball tonight?
William: Er… nothing…
Jocelyn: Well, we shall cause a sensation, for I'll dress to match.
William: [annoyed] Don't you ever get tired of putting on clothes?
Chaucer: [whispers] I believe she was talking about taking them off, sir.
Jocelyn: A flower is only as good as its petals. Don't you think?
William: A flower is good for nothing. You can't eat a flower, a flower can't keep your warm…
Jocelyn: And a rose never knocked a man off a horse either, did it?
William: You're just a silly girl aren't you.
Jocelyn: Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly boy with a horse and a stick…
[she walks away]
Wat: It's called a lance. Heellooo?

A Knight's Tale quotes

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